Creative Ideas

Unleashing the power of innovative designs and continuous development through enriched presentation of content, images and videos

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Planning & Analysis

Provide best quality services to our clients

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Designing & Developing

Make smart applications and websites for productive people

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Unique Solutions

Specialise in providing creative technology solutions

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Professional, clean, super flexible and fully responsive design

We provide a range of software development services including corporate intranet, website and web app solutions. See the Our Work page for some example.

What We Offer

We make smart applications and websites for productive people.

Web Design

Our design team knows that a good website is more than just a pretty layout. It's the integration of strategy, UX and graphic design to create an engaging and powerful online experience.

Ecommerce Solution

As an expert eCommerce developer, our solutions offer the best in standard features and functionality while remaining completely customizable.

Web Hosting

avrix hosting packages are high-speed and provide you with more than enough space for any kind of personal, business, organizational or other kind of website. We also offer semi-dedicated and dedicated hosting solutions for the larger resource intensive sites.

Domain Registration

The domain name you choose for your website can affect your rankings in search engines. The obvious choice for most people is to use your business name... but there are other options that could help your website's success by using a domain name relevant to the services you offer or the area you are targeting.

The Web is going mobile

With our mobile implentation there is only one version of the site. The same content is used for desktop and mobile devices; just projected in a different format.

SEO & Solution

If you’re not interested in more traffic, profit, or dominating your competition… No, working with a Michigan SEO Company probably isn’t for you. However, if you’d like to leverage the internet to grow your business, then… Yes, SEO & working with Overflow may be right for you!

Our Recent Works

Look at some of the recent projects we have completed for our valuble clients

Last Update On 14-02-2017



Over the last 2 year and more, we have worked with both high profile national and international brands, as well as a variety of smaller niche businesses from a diverse range of sectors. Here’s a list of our clients.